Alumni Update - ETSU Student to the Rescue!

Medic photo

Earlier this month a group of ETSU dsc02647.jpg students and Outdoor Adventure staff members provided aid to injured hiker during a Spring Break Backpacking trip in Grand Canyon National Park, AZ.  The student from ETSU had recently completed Wilderness First Aid training and certification provided by Landmark Learning of Cullowhee, NC.  The ETSU group encountered a group of trail runners from another major state university in Tennessee - not to be named.  A member of the group of trail runners had twisted her ankle and was without a first aid kit.  The ETSU student identified himself, his level of training, and offered assistance.  The ankle was tapped for support with athletic tape (a skill learned in the Wilderness First Aid class).  The patient was then able to hike out with the assistance and support from her group. dsc02645.JPGIt should be mentioned that the group was not a professionally led outdoor program from the university in Tennessee, but rather some other student organization that wouldn't necessarily have had the expertise to lead the group in this backcountry setting of the Grand Canyon.  The groups plan was to, "run down to touch the Colorado River and then run back up."  At the time of the incident (approximately 3:30 pm) the group was without a first aid kit or flashlights with a 3.5 mile up hill hike with an injured hiker.  It was unlikely that the group would have been able to hike out before sunset and in time for the last trailhead shuttle. It was fortunate that the ETSU student was able to help. I think that this is an important lesson in trip planning and preparation.   We hope that group leaders will see the benefits of consulting and/or collaborating with professional outdoor leaders in the future before attempting such aggressive goals. Dave Mueller - ETSU Outdoor Adventure Coordinator Photos Courtesy of Gregory K. Gurney.