July 2012

Thomas practicing how to climb over a strainer in the event it is unavoidable.

Instructors Jon Lowrance "JLo" and Justin Padgett "Padj" met down at the Tuckasegee river for two days of good water levels, swimming and practicing rescue skills with a group of river students.  Students included staff from Indiana University Outdoor Programs, Nantahala river guides, MTSU students, Program Directors from Emory and Henry as well as Wake Forest student programs,  and you know we had some unaffiliated river rats as well!   What a great group of folks ready to practice and try everything we offered without tire both days.  As we closed we acknowledged that the ten students in attendance were in a position to greatly affect those that they teach and expose to whitewater with the skills and attitude they developed over the weekend - giving the instructors a tremendous reach with the message of "prevention and safety on the river".

It's the end of the second week of the EMT here at Landmark.  Students are working diligently on their week 2 exam this morning as this long and intensive second week winds down.  A lot of material and a lot of chapters have been covered over the last four days interspersed with various scenarios putting to practice and applying the knowledge they have been learning in the classroom.  They have done so with tireless effort and determination, perfecting to the best of their ability at this stage to hone newly learned skills on real patients both in scenario and on their clinical rotations with EMS and in the Emergency Department.  Their efforts and accomplishments are paying off.  They are becoming EMTs before our eyes.  Now this morning's test, and one final week of the EMT course filling in the final chapters and skills.  We have learned at Landmark that if you raise the bar of expectation your students will rise to meet it.  Great job....all of you!  You're doing it.