May 2013


Hey folks! I am Leigh. I hail from the land of squids and sailors - Annapolis, MD. More recently I have been spending my time studying adventure education with the folks at Prescott College (PC) in Arizona. After I took my Wilderness First Responder course at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) with Landmark Learning (LL) last spring I was set on coming back to do the EMT-B and WUMP with these fine folks. I decided to do the Landmark Semester because I had such a positive experience with the classroom setting at MTSU with LL's instructors. The quality of teaching that I saw there reflects that of my instructors at PC. The certification courses available through the Landmark Semester are not courses that PC provides. They have some that overlap, but swift water rescue, wilderness life guard, BLS instructor, and WEMT are courses that flesh out my medical, rescue, and risk management education beyond the scope of what Prescott has on offer.

In these next forty days, I look forward to expanding my technical skill set, honing my abilities as an educator, and broadening my repertoire of teaching curriculum. I am also looking forward to spending a few days in the woods and a few days battling white water. That's why we are really all here - our love for nature and adventure. Remembering this will be my new practice as I look through the 10 lb, 1,500 page EMS text that now sits between my climbing harness and ThermARrest. It's going to be a rad couple of weeks! I'll let you know how it goes.

Leigh Wagner

I have high expectations for the Semester Course offered by Landmark Learning. I am currently a student enrolled at Western Carolina University, and a transplant from New Jersey. Being able to take all of the different courses in a row, and be able to link them as I go will be very helpful. I am excited to have the opportunity to learn from some of the best. I get the feeling that this experience will be a lot of fun, and will broaden my horizons in new areas. This course will be hard work, but will be all the more rewarding when finished.

Michael Milideo

The students that showed up to learn and practice wilderness medicine in Landmark's Base WFR this May came super focused. It seemed that everyone was ready to play, laugh and work hard! Instructors Justin Padgett and Kevin Williams shout out to all of you that filled our classroom at this WFR course. Have a great Summer! Prevention Trumps Medicine. 


Dear friends,

The Jondachi River is threatened by the development of the 20-MW La Merced de Jondachi Hydro Project, which will essentially eliminate the world famous, Class V, Upper Jondachi section by diverting nearly all of the natural flow and leaving only 56 cfs (1.6 m3/s) in the river which is not sufficient to support recreational uses.

Please take a moment to fill out this short survey (Click the link below) to help us better define the relative importance, use and benefits of the Jondachi River in Ecuador:

Jondachi River Recreational Use Survey

The results of this survey will be used as supporting evidence in our legal strategy against the project.

Please pass this on to anyone you know who is interested in paddling in Ecuador.


Matt Terry
Executive Director
Ecuadorian Rivers Institute
PO Box 17-07-9762
Quito - Ecuador
TEL (593-6) 288-7438
CEL (593-99) 444-8277
FAX (593-6) 288-8888
USA/VOIP 970-626-6022
USA/FAX 888-353-9849


The country roads of West Virginia led instructors Justin Doroshenko and KT Smith to the New River Gorge for a WFR in late April. The good folks at Whitewater Wisdom and ACE Adventure hosted an array of whitewater guides, rock climbing instructors, and myriad other psyched outdoor leaders for 9 days of wilderness medicine and general ridiculousness.


Whether splinting, bandaging, assessing, or laughing, everyone stuck it out and performed up to the standards we’ve come to expect from WMI students! Thanks to everyone for their hard work.


Justin stuck around for another 3 days to drop some WFR Recertification knowledge on another group of students. This exceptional bunch of outdoor veterans even took some ownership of their own learning by helping teach some of the lessons on medical problems!

Many thanks to Adam and Charlie for doing a great job as course hosts for both of the courses. They were even able to get many of the students a chance to raft the mighty New River!

Way to go everyone! Stay fresh, practice good prevention, and we’ll see you out there.

Cullowhee Kids Preschool in Cullowhee, NC asked Justin Padgett, NREMTP of MestWest EMS to pay a visit to the preschoolers on May 8th. On the visit, the kids had a change to ask several questions,  identify times to call 911, and then did a walk through of the ambulance. The kids were quite attentive and were less in awe, and more inquisitive by the end of the visit. In this picture are several of the 5 year olds with the Padj - including his son Alexander on the left, having is EKG assessed.image

Justin Padgett wearing the Team Landmark Learning colors finished 15th over all and 3rd in his age group at the Annual Greening Up the Mountains 5K in Jackson County. A major rain storm and cold air threatened the race, however the storm landed just post closing ceremony. Everyone was smiling just like this guy at during the 5K! justin

Dear Landmark Learning Staff,

I just wanted to write and thank you once again for your amazing instruction this past month. I have greatly enjoyed the courses I have taken at Landmark Learning and find the staff to be extremely creative and qualified.  The subject material may be challenging, but the instructors were able to make learning the material very enjoyable and engaging.  An even mix of class room instruction and hands on scenarios made for an invaluable learning experience. I hope to put the skills I have learned to good use and to "Bind up the broken, lead out the lost", as someone in WFR once stated. I wish you nothing but the very best in your mission to produce professionals from all walks of life. Landmark Learning is the place to be. Thank you again for everything.

Connor K.


Students converged on the Cradle of Forestry in America in Pisgah National Forest to learn some first aid skills to prepare them for their 10 month internships at national forests all around the southeastern united states.  Joining them was Linda and Ted from the SCA getting their own dose of first aid training and ensuring that interns got off to a good start.  The group at the SCA were stoked to get trained before they headed to their posts to work with volunteers at their forest.  Thanks Linda and Ted for coordinating the course, getting delicious food for the group, and thanks to Michelle at USFS for being a great help for the course and it was a great inaugural course with the folks at the SCA!

Jason Carter