July 2013

Justin and Mairi Padgett were pleased to attend and present at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's 2013 Biennial Conference. There were an estimated 1000 registrants this year from all over the East coast. Some came to represent their region, some came to hike, some came to learn and pick up tips from others while some just come to hang out. A great mix of folks attended Mairi's workshop on "Leave No Trace - Frontcountry", and Justin's workshop on "Common Medical Problems in the Backcountry".
Thanks to all that came and enjoyed our workshops and the workshops of all the conference volunteers. And a special thanks to Joe Deloach and his AV wizard crew for their support! We look forward to seeing you back to Cullowhee!

Check out the video of the conference here.

Justin S. Padgett, MS, NREMTP, WEMT
Landmark Learning Executive Director
Check Out the 2013 Landmark Learning Semester - 329 hours!

Folks held strong through their first week of EMT training. Few started with more then just basic medical knowledge. As the week ends and week 2 begins, brains are full with new concepts and hands-on skills. They pride themselves with their newly learned abilities to assess a scene and initiate a full patient assessment, treat and package patient for transport as is shown here in a scenario where patients had fallen off a roof.
Week 1 EMT 7_13


On May 26, 2013, eighteen solidly competent WFRs were certified and sent off into the world after a particularly fun and exciting course out in Murfreesboro, TN.
While most of the lessons took place in the beautiful and renowned Recreation building on MTSU’s campus, a couple of the bigger scenarios took us to the Wilderness Station at nearby Barfield-Crescent Park. The winding wooded trails led students to an incredible array of mossy boulders and deep rock crevices that became the site of a mock hot-air balloon crash, where the entire class had to act fast and act together to rescue multiple patients with critical injuries. Students had to battle steep terrain, slick mud, ominously overcast skies and even a brief downpour while they performed thorough assessments and and life-saving interventions before actually having to carry patients out of the woods to definitive care.


The class returned to the Wilderness Station later in the course for an extended evening rescue, which took place further down the trail and even deeper in the woods – and under the light of a full moon! Overall, the week was filled with incredible weather, countless learning opportunities and thoughtful classroom discussions that really showed the instructors just how committed the students were to the whole experience. We wish you all the very best in all your adventures from here on out – and don’t forget, the learning never stops. Keep those questions coming, champions!


-Laura and Scott


YMCA First Aid Course Photo

Landmark instructor Jason Carter got to head to one of the YMCA's after-school bases at Beaverdam in North Asheville to teach a weekend Wilderness First Aid course. It was the first time teaching to the YMCA, whose summer programs takes school aged children out to the woods of wild and wonderful Western North Carolina to check out the many hiking trails and swimming holes. They work hard to make sure the kids are having fun and staying safe. It was a great course and we got to use the space at Beaverdam which has a community garden, climbing tower, several acres of woods and trails, and a mascot: a rabbit named Hazel. It was a great weekend and it'll be great to be back for more first aid and lifeguard training in the future!

Leave no Trace Photo

 Many thanks to the 9 students who joined us for our first Master Educator course of 2013! Landmark instructors Justin Doroshenko and Jason Carter had a whale of a good time meeting the students and watching some spectacular examples of teaching Leave No Trace. leave2 Though we had a wet few days in Panthertown Valley, the backpacking field portion provided the perfect setting for our students to show their educational abilities! Perhaps the highlight of the course was the chance to spend Friday at the Oconaluftee Visitor Center in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park doing some Leave No Trace outreach to the visiting public. Our students even took some time to lend a helping hand at the Mountain Farm Museum! leave3 Thanks to all the great students for their hard work and awesome attitudes. Let us know about the great things you're doing with Leave No Trace.

WUMP Course Photo

 A great WUMP course finished up at Landmark Learning on June 21, 2013. Instructors Justin Doroshenko and Deane Hodde were joined by an excited bunch of students for 5 days of a wilderness medicine extravaganza! Several students had just finished up our EMT-Basic Intensive, including our fabulous Landmark Semester students, Michael and Leigh. Wildernessblog We had unpredictable weather, but predictably awesome students. Success was had by all students, and the instructors and students alike had a blast. Thanks for a great week!

Student Photo

As I am coming to the close of the Landmark Learning Semester, I look back at all of the skills I was able to learn from their expert staff. It is hard to imagine, that it was over a month ago that I was on the lake practicing my "J" stroke in a canoe, setting up swim areas, and making protected entries into the water. My throw rope may have dried off weeks ago, but it feels just like yesterday that we were jumping into the river to pull people out. When I think about going through the EMT course, I have to give a great thanks to Landmark's excellent instructing team. Their teaching methods helped me go from not having any medical experience, to feeling comfortable and confident with my skills. The time we were able to spend on clinical, with local Emergencies Rooms, and local EMS was an invaluable experience. I was nervous going in, but now, I couldn't imagine having to do it in a different way. I would say that I am glad that the semester is over -- marking the start of my summer -- but knowing that my time at Landmark is over dulls that feeling a bit. Being around such friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff for the past forty days has definitely made a lasting impression on me. The atmosphere that they provide here makes is very conducive to learning, and the make it fun. Thanks for making my time spent with you guys so enjoyable and rewarding. Michael M.