August 2013

You know where Landmark Learning is now, but have you ever wondered how it began or where it is headed? Teresa Killian Tate just wrote an amazing article called, "Test Of Endurance" documenting Landmark Learning's journey to becoming the leading national learning specialists for the outdoor community. Check out the full article here.

WFR Student Training

Below is a letter from a student that took a Wilderness First Responder Course with Landmark Learning: Hi Justin! Things have been pretty busy this summer. I'm a rock climbing, rappelling and zip-lining guide in Skagway, Alaska. I take mostly cruise ship guests on tours so the season got crazy in July - I once worked nearly 120 hours in two weeks! I still find a little extra time to volunteer with the fire department here too in all three divisions - SAR, EMS, and fire.  I wanted to write in and say how much I enjoyed your May 2013 Wilderness First Responder course. I really can't say enough good things about the exceptional quality of instruction we all received from you and Kevin. Your knowledge, together with your sense of humor, really helped everything stick with us and made this course by far the best class I've ever taken, anywhere, for anything. Our group also worked together really well and became fairly close - thanks to the luck of the draw or your ability to bring a group together, or both. The facilities also went above and beyond my expectations and I found the Nook to be a super cozy, beautiful place to stay. Thanks to this course, I also remembered how fascinating the subject is to me and made it a point to begin volunteering at the fire department the first week I arrived in town to keep up and improve on my skills. We even recently had a long overnight back-country search and rescue. I remember thinking 'this is that long term patient care Padj and Kevin told us about.'  This summer I was sure I wanted to recertify as an EMT. Even though North Carolina is pretty far out of the way for me, I just started registering for the 30 September to 19 October EMT-B Intensive course. It's totally worth the distance and I really can't wait. I'm looking forward to a very fun, well-rounded course to help me contribute more to the fire department and help me prepare for handling emergencies in any other situation I could encounter. See you next month! Cristi

In 2011 Landmark Learning started the Landmark Staff Race Team and sent two teams to the Lake Logan Sprint Team Relay. 500 meter lake swim, 12 mile road bike and a 5k run to finish it off. We were absolutely amazed that one of the teams took first place with some nearly off the couch team members. We took a break in 2012.

In 2013 we came back with a relay team of Justin Padgett, Matt Harshman, and Jon Lowrance - and we took first place again! Jon told me as we were packing up that "looks like we should come back next year, odds are good we would place".

Rob Barham entered as a sprinter and finished well - could be his 2 Sprint Tri this year - Go Rubber toe!

Man this Landmark Racing thang is fun!

The Padj blog

Well, here we are, end of week 3 and bitten by the world of emergency medicine and the responsibility of what we have learned. It always astounds, standing here realizing how far we have journeyed since that first week. Armed with a better understanding and appreciation of the human body, it is time our newly formed skills and knowledge are readied to test. This, our final days here and yet only the beginning for all that awaits us in days to come. Soon we will have our own stories to share. Week3

Week two challenges the hardiest of students, but during this EMT Intensive the students rallied their resources, even after hours, as a group taking full advantage of their time and talents to learn. It is not to say that it has been all work and no play. The area provided time for exercise and outdoor fun in the white water that surrounds this area of North Carolina.


rrrStill time to register for the Western North Carolina River Rescue Rodeo September 29th, 2013. There are still 3 team slots available for registration.

At this time we are also gathering volunteers to assist the day of in return for an event T-shirt and good times! We are so excited to host this mildly competitive fun event that is geared to encourage practice of river rescue skills!

Thank you to our current Sponsors: Duke Energy, Dillsboro River Company, American Canoe Association, American Whitewater, Jackson Kayak, El Pacifico Mexican Restaurant, Andy Shaw Ford, Possum Dog Productions, Astral Bouancy, National Outdoor Leadership School and we still have more coming in for support. Thanks Ya'll!

Click here to register for the 2013 WNC River Rescue Rodeo.You don't want to miss this unique and outrageously fun event!