October 2013

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Week 3 of the EMT Intensive course here at Landmark ended in the whole class successfully completing the course and practical skills testing. Now they are ready to take their State test and the National Registry. Time passed quickly with many heading home to take a well deserved break. Seven of the students will continue their journey adding back-country skills in the Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals course. Using the principles of caring for the sick and injury in an Urban environment, now they will learn how to improvise their equipment with what they have in their packs, and prepare for the challenging decisions of care when definitive help could be hours to days away.

Team Landmark Learning represented at the Asheville Track Club's Triple Crown Series made up of the Ramble Run 15k, the Bel Chere 5k, and the Thomas Wolfe 8k. Each of the races has their own unique flair and history.

The Ramble Run 15k is a springtime road race that's only been around for three years; it also has a 5k that attracts quite a crowd. It starts and finishes in Biltmore Park and has a fair number of hills (that's a theme). Jason squeaked into the top ten of the 15k.

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The Bele Chere 5k is probably one of the most competitive and largest Asheville races as well as being one of Asheville's longest running races; this year was the 34th and final??? (who knows). It's a challenging course and this year racers beat the late July heat by running in a downpour! Jason got drenched and was 27th overall and 3rd in his age group; which was a pleasant surprise considering the competition.

The Thomas Wolfe 8k is the longest running Asheville race; this year was the 37th and going strong. It's a great fall road race starting and finishing at the Thomas Wolfe Memorial house. To round out the series, Jason broke his personal record for an 8k, made the top ten overall, and got second in his age group.

These races are just a small sampling of what Asheville has to offer and any runner in Asheville should check out these races and the Asheville Track Club (http://ashevilletrackclub.org/)! Congrats to the thousands of runners and thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that make these races happen and create such a vibrant running community in Asheville!

Intensive week of academic topics sprinkled with scenarios here at Landmark. This week has opened the door for so many concepts and ideas leaving as many new questions as answers. That's good! Tired but still hungry, students tie together new found understanding with deliberate actions during patient care scenarios. Clinical experiences with EMS and the Emergency Department have students hearing the stories, working next to the professionals who bring focus to this strange new world of Emergency Services. Week three, how did it get here so quickly!week2

wk 1 blogWeek one, EMT Intensive and we are off to a great start. Good folks combining quick rapport with other students combining the need to learn this new material and having fun doing it. The students have learned the patient assessment system and have begun using it in scenarios. With hands-on assessment skills readied, week two will focus on systems involved with the most common EMS calls.

The River Rescue Rodeo was held on the Tuckasegee River in Dillsboro, NC, September 29th 2013. Teams of five came to compete from as far away as Ohio, although most of the teams were regional. A number of local volunteers and Landmark Learning instructors supported the event as judges and victims throughout the day.

Events included hands on rescue and medical scenarios, boat and equipment rescues, throw rope competitions, and a knot-tying rodeo. The event started at 9am with the closing and awards ceremony completing near 2pm. This was a fun filled event with very active participants.
Our winning teams took home over $1000.00 worth of prizes and materials. Taking first place by a small margin was Western Carolina University, followed by the Cincinnati Paddlers and finishing strong as third was Warren Wilson College. All of the teams left with small sponsor gifts and gear from the silent auction.

The best aspect of the whole event was the comradery, fun and lessons learned from the day’s activities! Dates for 2014 will be set soon with registration opening in the late winter.

Special thanks go out to our event sponsors: Landmark Learning, Dillsboro River Company, Duke Energy, Northwest River Supply, NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute, American Canoe Association, American Whitewater, Carolina West Sports Medicine, Andy Shaw Ford, Astral Buoyancy, Possumdog Productions, World Kayak, and El Pacifico Mexican Restaurant.