February 2015

I enjoyed spending the weekend with the Christ School faculty and upper classmen as we shared the Community Relief Medic coursework.  This Landmark Learning original course lends itself to travel abroad groups that are on construction and educational programs.  And that's exactly what Christ School plans to do again this year in both Europe and Central America.  In addition, these folks have created an on campus emergency response team to support the students and faculty that reside on campus.  The Community Relief Medic curriculum fits the bill for that too.  Both Scott Lipscomb and I enjoyed interacting with folks, practicing medical skills and sharing stories.

-  Justin


Rob Barham and Jon Lowrance wrapped up a NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals (WUMP) course this week.  The WUMP was also the fourth week of Landmark Learning’s Wilderness EMT program which saw several EMT students staying to add the Big “W” to their certification.  “The students were fantastic - we had so much fun working with 17 healthcare providers ranging from new EMT grads to seasoned paramedics, nurses and physicians,” reports Jon Lowrance.  Students responded to mock scenarios during the course ranging from hypothermic patients submerged in icy creeks to mass-casualty hot air balloon accidents.  Jon adds, “Our students show up to our courses with a wealth of experience and training.  We provide additional perspectives, skills and knowledge specific to wilderness medicine during the course.  What we see in the end are people who are highly trained to provide emergency medical care in environments that require improvisation, leadership, teamwork and communication to create successful patient outcomes.”  Thanks again, to all the healthcare providers who devoted their time and energy to another great NOLS course!


In the photo a group of students demonstrate through a short skit and board presentation the various options for water disinfection.  Gene, MD anesthesiologist,  impersonatied an infectious microorganism while Alanna, RN, and Jon, EMT, acted as life-sized water treatment agents, attempt to destroy him.   Tim, EMT, is presenting the facts of water treatment as the dramatic reenactment plays out before him.