A Base WUMP for the Ages

In late June, instructors Justin Doroshenko and Rob Barham embarked on a journey with a new bunch of students at the Landmark Learning base for a Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals course. We had some stalwart Landmark alums and some folks new add to our awesome style. We had brand spankin' new EMTs fresh off their Landmark Learning EMT Intensive, and we had EMTs and paramedics with years of experience. We had our three Landmark Semester students! We had ER nurses, pediatric specialists, physical therapists -- so much medical diversity! And everyone learned in medical harmony.


Despite the hot, bug-ridden weather, the students absolutely excelled in and out of the classroom. We threw them in creeks, covered them in dirt, and managed to teach them a few things along the way. The best thing for instructors on these courses is that we get to learn from the students! We had some great discussions and debriefings after lessons and scenarios. Thanks to everyone for being so engaged, enthusiastic, humorous,clean, lively, good looking, safe, and plain old fun! We hope to see you again in the coming years!