Cane Creek Water Testing Results

"The water quality of Cane Creek met federal standards for surface and recreational use in a recent stream study carried out by Western Carolina University students working collaboratively with the Jackson County Health Department" ,according to the Reported newspaper at Western Carolina University. Read the entire article here.

WCU student Cristina Miranda uses a probe to locate an onsite wastewater system. At left is student Lauren Piemonte and at right is Russell Jenkins from the Jackson County Health Department.

As reported back in Jaime Dellinger, Supervisor or the Environmental Health section in Jackson County Health Department and Tonya Howell (WCU geology alumnae) wanted to coordinate a project that would beneficial to the community and support WCU student development. Landmark Learning agreed that the students could access creek frontage on Landmark property as well as Landmark septic systems to assess Cane Creek. Environmental Health specialists from the Health Department included Tonya Howell, Jonathan Fouts (WCU ENVH alumni), David Ammons and Russell Jenkins. Students broke up into groups to work with members of the health department to determine location of onsite wastewater systems, look for any instances of straight piping (sewage or gray water) directly into creek, and also to take water samples to assess chemical parameters. WCU students are in the process of analyzing results with report and presentations complete the first week of December 2012. Landmark Learning regularly shares it's 40 acre steward forest with science students as a resource in their educational programs. We are proud to support our external community of learners and thrilled with the water testing results!