Carolina Wilderness EMS Externship Supporters



Two final updates to share with you as we close out 2014. Thanks again for your support of a great Externship season this Aug-Sep!


1) The Wilderness Medical Society has approved the 2014 Externship month for an astonishing 160 credit hours towards Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. This does not include the ACWM AWLS-Black Mountain course the weekend preceding the Externship, which is another ~20 credit hours. I don’t know of any other program in the country accredited to provide this many FAWM credits in only four weeks! If you were involved in one of the Externship classes, or in the Summit, Seminar, or the UNC Carolina Wilderness Medicine Lake Day, you can claim your credits here:


2) Our recruitment process for the 2015 season has begun. The 2015 Carolina Wilderness EMS Externship will be held Aug 31-Sep 27. This also means we will be holding the Carolina Wilderness EMS Summit Sep 26-27, and the Carolina Wilderness EMS Seminar on Sep 25 in 2015. If you know of someone who would be a suitable applicant to serve as an Extern (applicant must be an MSIV medical student or resident physician), please contact me directly for an application. Information about the program, including eligibility criteria, is available at but the 2015 application has not yet been uploaded. We are in the process of moving the entire Externship web platform over to, and that process should be complete by January 2015. Until then please contact me directly for application materials for the 2015 season.


Thanks for your support!