December WFR at LL Campus - 2015

Pulling into the gravel drive the parking lot already full, I jumped out of the car grabbed my pack and ran inside.  Everyone was already sitting except for the three of us who rolled in an hour late.  The previous night was full of chaos including a broken down car, dead batteries, lost wallets, and a speeding ticket.  We each introduced ourselves briefly and took our seat, it wasn't the best way to start off the week.  The first few days where the longest, having to adjust combined with the information overload.  By day four it started to become more like a family than a group of random people.  We started the week working on and small rescues and by the end we where able to work in large teams to preform full on evacuations.  The structure of the course enabled us to take our knowledge from the classroom to realistic scenarios, I still see the patient assessment triangle every time I close my eyes.  The end of the course was full of emotion, the excitement we all felt for completing the course had us all on cloud nine.  As soon as we realized what that meant however things dialed down.  All the hugging and cleaning could only mean one thing, it was time to go home.  In ten days we went from complete strangers to a family, making connections that will last a lifetime. 

Annabelle Cooper 
Parks Recreation and Tourism Management 
Clemson University '15