EKU WFR, Berea, KY

Eastern Kentucky University just hosted Landmark Learning instructors Rob Barham and Scott Lipscomb for a Wilderness First Responder class. 20 students gathered at EKU’s Maywoods environmental education center for the 9 day class. This was Rob’s 5th time teaching at Maywoods and it is one of his favorite course sites. Maywoods is a 1700 acre forest and wildlife refuge in the Knobs region of Kentucky close to Berea. The classroom is in the lodge which is situated on a beautiful lake. The classroom has a large fireplace and a deck overlooking the lake. The course site is surrounded by rolling forested hills and there is an extensive trail system circling the lake.
Many WFRs have students who commute locally during the course, but this WFR was unique because all the students stayed at the Maywoods lodge for the duration of the course. The students had lots of time to hang out after class and get to know one another as well as practice their new WFR skills. This was Scott’s first course as WFR instructor for WMI and Landmark Learning and it couldn’t have happened at a better place. Here’s a picture of Scott teaching students the BEAM (Body Elevation and Movement) for a controlled move of a person with a possible spinal injury. Thanks to Brian from EKU and Homer at Maywoods for hosting us on another excellent WFR in Kentucky. And thanks to all the students who spent their winter break with us learning how to save people in the woods!
Rob and Scott