EMT Intensive - Can you say, "I'm an EMT Basic, do you need help?"

May/June EMT Intensive Students - Can you say, "I'm an EMT Basic, do you need help?"

Congratulations are in order for our EMT Intensive students!

They have survived some very challenging class material, multiple casualty incidents, car and motorcycle accidents, bathroom extractions, medical issues, and delivering babies here in the mountains of western North Carolina.

Automobile accident scenario.

Today is the last day of the course.  The morning was filled with the final written exam.  The rest of the day has been about practice and perfecting practical skills.  Tomorrow they take their skills test, SOP, which will determine if they pass the class.  With the small instructor to student ratios and the individual attention that our students get, we know they are very well prepared and will do very, very well.

Then once they have passed the class, they can prepare to take the National Registry EMT certification exam and also the North Carolina EMS certification exam.

Tomorrow, our students will complete their journey at Landmark Learning carrying away with them new ideas, skills and friends.  Time will test and expand what they have learned here.  For some, this experience could launch them into a new direction and

Our EMT students splinting for a leg injury.  The fake blood on the arm of the EMT is because our students trade off being patient and rescuer.

possibilities in their lives and careers.  For others, it will give them the confidence in caring for the poor all around the world.  For all of them, the world will look different then it had three weeks ago, as will their understanding of what it means to be caregivers.

From all the instructors, we wish you luck and good fortune in all your future endeavors.

Stay in touch and let us know what adventures cross your paths!

Justin P., Deane, and Justin D.


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