Eternity- Help Still Needed


Around twenty people came today to help rebuild Eternity, many of them working from 1 PM until Duke turned on the East Fork Tuck's water at 4 PM, then they played!



Jason Serres was the first to try out the new hole, a single-bladed paddler in a C1. He was followed by Mike Patterson in his kayak, then many more, including WNC's own freestyle star, Rowan Stuart. According to them, the Eternity is as good as it ever was and probably even better. The hole is around 5' wider than it was in the past, and it's easy to drop into it.

There are a few things that still need to be done to the wall that enhances the hole. So, please, come tomorrow at 1 PM if you can to help us finish the job.


In closing, we moved a lot of rock today. Thanks to all of you who pried and pulled and lifted and rolled. I figured that the single largest rock we moved, 20', weighed 1000 lbs! Meanwhile, just upstream Barry Kennon with a smaller crew was refurbishing the Slab! I included some pictures of the Eternity action.


Burt Kornegay