Getting Back To Nature

istock-14159270-children-trail-forest_custom-dc6df6896836810d92ec3df022a1f374e5072c9d-s2-c85 "To most people nature is a concept, something that exists out there, that we see in YouTube videos or magazines, on BBC and Animal Planet specials. To recover a sense of control over time we need to return to nature; we need to create space to observe other forms of life; we need to reconnect with the night sky, far from the city lights. At least this is what I do to slow down." This quote from the article "Battling A Sense Of Lost Time", written by Marcelo Gleiser perfectly sums up his take on what we as a society need to do to reconnect with life. His view is that we are so plugged into the happenings of the world around us that they actually serve as distractions and are causing us to miss out on the bigger picture. Less tv and texting and more connecting with nature is not only good for the mind, but for the soul. Check out his article here. And to take a break and get back to nature with Landmark, you might consider registering for Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace Master Educator or even Wilderness StarGuard. You can check out all of Landmark's courses or register here.