Getting To Know Our Landmark Students


Hey folks! I am Leigh. I hail from the land of squids and sailors - Annapolis, MD. More recently I have been spending my time studying adventure education with the folks at Prescott College (PC) in Arizona. After I took my Wilderness First Responder course at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) with Landmark Learning (LL) last spring I was set on coming back to do the EMT-B and WUMP with these fine folks. I decided to do the Landmark Semester because I had such a positive experience with the classroom setting at MTSU with LL's instructors. The quality of teaching that I saw there reflects that of my instructors at PC. The certification courses available through the Landmark Semester are not courses that PC provides. They have some that overlap, but swift water rescue, wilderness life guard, BLS instructor, and WEMT are courses that flesh out my medical, rescue, and risk management education beyond the scope of what Prescott has on offer.

In these next forty days, I look forward to expanding my technical skill set, honing my abilities as an educator, and broadening my repertoire of teaching curriculum. I am also looking forward to spending a few days in the woods and a few days battling white water. That's why we are really all here - our love for nature and adventure. Remembering this will be my new practice as I look through the 10 lb, 1,500 page EMS text that now sits between my climbing harness and ThermARrest. It's going to be a rad couple of weeks! I'll let you know how it goes.

Leigh Wagner

I have high expectations for the Semester Course offered by Landmark Learning. I am currently a student enrolled at Western Carolina University, and a transplant from New Jersey. Being able to take all of the different courses in a row, and be able to link them as I go will be very helpful. I am excited to have the opportunity to learn from some of the best. I get the feeling that this experience will be a lot of fun, and will broaden my horizons in new areas. This course will be hard work, but will be all the more rewarding when finished.

Michael Milideo