Hand Crafting Beauty, Tradition and the American Dream with Fritz Orr


Fritz Orr's hands produce some of the most masterful wood workings in the Carolinas. It just so happens these pieces of art are not just aesthetics for the eye but also perfect for the paddler. His use of premium music grade and exotic woods is something few, if any other paddle makers even dream of using. Fritz's love for the water and canoeing community is a tradition that has been passed down through his family. His passion for creating beautiful handmade paddles is evident in looking at his work. His wood work has recently been touted by Garden and Guns' "2011 Best of the South" and can be seen by clicking here and viewing the video "American Dream Alive and Well" . Around Carolina also stopped in and visited him in his workshop as he shows us how much attention he places into each paddle. You can click here to take a look at Fritz in action. Not only is he an artisan and canoe enthusiast, he's also an instructor for Landmark Learning. Fritz brings his expertise and amazing background in canoeing to ACA certified courses  like our Whitewater Canoe Instructor Development Workshop. Fritz helps developing instructors gain insight into the craft of canoe instruction and spreads the knowledge gained from a lifetime on the water. To view and purchase some of Fritz's gorgeous paddles click here to visit his online shop. To register for a course and enhance your canoe instructing skills click here for our course calendar.