Hiker Hostel Puts on Great WFR in North Georgia!

What happens when instructors Justin Doroshenko and Kevin Williams travel to Dahlonega, Georgia to teach wilderness medicine to a great group of people at a hostel near the Appalachian Trail? Magic, humor, and learning -- that's what. We had a fantastic group of students from all walks of life, and they're now prepared to prevent and treat people from "deceasing" in the wilderness!


Having engaged, cooperative, and funny students makes our courses thrive. It also helps that the first time course sponsors, The Hiker Hostel, made our stay so enjoyable. Wonderful accommodations and friendly staff are the norm at Hiker Hostel, so many thanks to Shannon, Josh, and Derek! if you're in need of hospitality and comfort (and a break from the trail life), check them out!


From splinting extravaganzas to night time (mock) disasters, our students absolutely rocked out the WFR curriculum. A thousand thanks to them for keeping things entertaining! We're proud of each of you, and we look forward to seeing you again and hearing about all your adventures!