Invasive Plant, Pest and Disease Awareness Month

Dear Environmental Advocate,

Because you are environmentally focused professionals, we thought you may be interested to know that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is kicking off “Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month” in a very big way. Invasive species feast on and infest America's agriculture, damage our parks and forests, wreck our gardens, and throw our ecosystem off balance. In an effort to reduce the threat of these "Hungry Pests," the USDA launched a national initiative to increase awareness of the issue and empower people to take action. 

We have a wealth of short & sharable videos, social media graphics, messaging and outreach materials on the Partner Tools page of the Hungry Pests website.  All materials are share and print-ready, easily downloadable, and available free of charge.  Additionally, the social media posts in the attached flyer are ready to be copied and pasted into your channels right now, with or without customization.

In addition, we have just rolled out these new outreach items:

1. A series of eye-grabbing, slightly eerie videos starring Vin Vasive, the anti-hero of USDA’s Hungry Pests program.  Vin is made up entirely of invasive pests, and he reveals—in a maniacal way—how he gets around in the things people move and pack.  Then USDA provides the voice of reason and explains how to defeat Vin and “Leave Hungry Pests Behind.”  See the first in the four-part series here:

2. A USDA Blog: “Help USDA Stop Invaders that Could Devastate U.S. Crops and Forests”

3. A two-minute USDA TV feature: “Invasive Plant Pest and Diseases Awareness Month”

4. USDA press release: “USDA Empowers Citizens with the Knowledge to Prevent Invasive Pests”

Please consider publishing this content and taking advantage of other related outreach opportunities throughout April and beyond.  Scientists estimate that invasive species cost the United States approximately $120 billion a year.  The stakes for our crops, forests, and economy are extremely high.  Feel free to reach out with any questions about the campaign.



United States Department of Agriculture