January WFR at Brevard College

Brevard College WFR Course 2016

There are many reasons you might have for spending time in back country settings, probably none of them include getting seriously hurt or ill while out there. That of course doesn’t stop those things from happening from time to time; and learning how to manage those situations when they arise is a wonderful way to feel more confident while adventuring. Whether you are in the woods as a professional, with friends and family, or a lone operator you can benefit from the information taught during the Wilderness First Responder course.  

Our week was fascinating, grueling, and very satisfying.  The combination of classroom time and active scenarios did an excellent job of reinforcing principles and practices. Instructors were thorough and engaging with experiences of their own to share. All of the participants came from intriguing backgrounds and it was impossible to not be friends by the end. All the way from being dunked in frigid creeks to learn to treat hypothermia to understanding what medicines can help in the event of a heart attack, this class never failed to be informative and entertaining.

-Rachel Meriweather