Lake Logan Sprint Triathalon

We are pleased to announce that we had two teams this year and we both placed in the Lake Logan Sprint Triathalon.  We had some smokin' swims, high steppin' runs and a bike leg that was fraut with challenges.  The bikers were off their bikes quite a bit doing maintenance.  But nonetheless Team Duece comes in 2nd overall with Beth Boehme (swim) Justin Doroshenko (bike) and Jason Carter (run).  Team Numero Uno comes in 3rd, just 3 minutes behind our first team with Justin Padgett (swim), Rob Barham (bike) and Jon JLo Lowrance (run).  

Worth mentioning is that this is the 3rd year that Landmark Learning teams have placed in this race.  Beth and Doro attended their first Team Landmark Learning event and veteran Logan racers Padj (- 2min)  and JLo (-3 min) shaved time off their previous records.  Go Team Landmark Learning!