Landmark Learning "Down East" for Maine WFR!

While it's summer at Landmark's base in NC, It's still chilly up in Presque Isle, Maine!

We're here in Presque Isle, Maine for 3 weeks of Landmark Learning coursework, WFR, SWR and WFA.

Aroostook River group shot!

We had a beautiful sunny start for the WFR on day one, but the weather has turned cold.  Notice the hats and jackets in the photo... this is June, folks!

We've got a great bunch of students who are all taking their first WMI course.  The course is taking place at the Nordic Heritage Center, part of the Maine Winter Sports Center.  The facility is perfect for a WFR, with lots of trails for scenarios, trail running and mountain biking.

Hypothermia along the Aroostook.

We're hoping to see a moose during a scenario!  We're on the 3rd day of the WFR class and students are learning about Shock, Chest Injuries, Head Injuries and the Focused Spine Assessement today.

The cold weather is a pleasant break from the heat wave we recently had in the Southeast, and it's keeping the black flies at bay!
After this WFR we're offering a Wilderness First Aid and a Swiftwater Rescue before returning to the mountains of North Carolina.


Rob and Greg



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