Letter To Landmark, WFR Course Account

Hey Landmark Crew,

I recently attended a Wilderness First Responder course in Brevard, NC taught by Rob Barham  and Jason Carter. I'd first like to say that the class exceeded my expectations and the teaching style was perfect for the curriculum.
Rob and Jason made a perfect team and were super knowledgeable. I originally took the course because I tend to be inclined to travel/live in some very remote places and was needing some medical training for the confidence to go further and longer. I am also hoping to open some doors for being a trip leader/guide. Through taking the course, though, I have become extremely intrigued with first responder, pre hospital medical, and search and rescue practices and now plan on getting an EMT certification in the future. I've become very interested in the idea of relief medicine as a way to "give back," utilize, and hone my newly learned skills in assisting those who could use it under the guidance of more highly trained professionals. Jason had mentioned Mingai when discussing this with him. I finally got to check the website and look into their Medical Brigade project. It sounds like an amazing cultural experience and a wonderful way to truly help others in need.

Kyle Warden