Logging Some Miles With The Clemson Leave No Trace Master Educators!

 Rob and I were joined by 7 students on a 5 day Leave No Trace Master Educator Course.  We started at Clemson University for some classroom time and prepared for our 3 days in the woods.  Our backcountry portion was 3 days of backpacking in the Jocassee Gorges area of the Foothills trail.  We had a bunch of troopers willing to push through some tough miles on the stairs, and everyone now cringes a bit when they see a staircase :)  We wrapped up the course with our public outreach day at Table Rock State Park.  We got to set up a booth at the trailhead and chat it up with some folks about Leave No Trace principles and the park rangers gave us the opportunity to clean up some graffiti nearby.  It was a great group and I hope to see them again out on the trail!  -Jason