Middle Tennessee State University - WFR

Scenario: Mass Casualty Incident with burns, broken bones, medical emergencies, and spinal injuries!

WFR on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University

Last week, we sent 22 newly trained and certified WFRs into the world after a humid nine days at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN.
We had a great collection of students who were heading off in multiple directions.  From one student who had just returned from doing climbing work in Taiwan to another student who was preparing to move with his family to Suriname for mission work.  Another student was leaving the day after the course to move to Utah to work with young adults in wilderness therapy for addiction treatment.  We had MTSU outdoor program staff, rising graduate students, and an outdoor recreation professor.  Overall, it was a fantastic group!

Hauling a patient out of the woods takes an incredible amount of people, effort and time.

Students worked hard in the classroom and practiced away in scenarios scattered throughout MTSU's campus -- much to the surprise of some passers-by!  For larger scenarios, both day and night, we traveled out to beautiful Barfield-Crescent Park.  Thanks to Rachel Singer (who was also a student) at the Wilderness Station and the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department for letting us use this fabulous area.  The unique crevasses and rocky terrain made for exciting and challenging scenarios.

Thanks to the wonderful students for fighting through the heat and humidity and making the MTSU WFR a great success.
Justin D. and Laura




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