NY Dept. of Homeland Security & Emergency Services Call on Justin Padgett

Justin Padgett was requested by the New York Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services to conduct a presentation on the Landmark Learning Community Relief Medic program in Montour Falls, NY March 29-30, 2014.  It seems that the time is appropriate after what we have learned in large disasters since 2001.  The opportunity to expand the role of First Responders affiliated with Fire and Rescue services is here.  The Community Relief Medic training program promotes advanced refusal of care plans (disposition) and advanced decision making on the part of first responders to care for and make transport decisions with patients in the time of disaster. These first responders will serve as triage for Emergency Medical Services and potentially limit the number of persons taxing the resources of local and regional hospital systems.  We have to start locally with our fire district members who are the most available, live in their districts and are incredibly capable.  Around the county First Responder and EMT numbers compared to the number of paramedics is 10:1. In New York it is 15:1 - so it makes sense that we make better use of these human resources.   "We need to work smarter not harder in times of disaster."