The Relief Medic Volunteer Program 2015

The Relief Medic Volunteer Program through Mingai is going to be August 9-22, 2015. The program is looking for current healthcare workers (WFR'S, EMT's, nurses and physicians) interested in gaining new skills and experiences with third world conditions and challenges. MINGAI is a non-profit Foundation certified by the Ministry of Labour as a Center for First Aid Training which aims to spread First Aid in wildlife and remote areas. Since 2006, Mingai has been an affiliate of Landmark Learning providing Wilderness Medicine Institute, American Canoe Association, Leave No Trace, and Relief Medic coursework throughout the Ecuadorian mainland and Galapagos Islands.  Mingai works closely with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism to create and maintain standards of risk management in the ever growing guiding community across this diverse country. For more information, please visit