Remembering 9/11 and Preparing First Responders

Once again the September 11th rolls around and our memories fade of this horrible event.  It's human, and seems the American way to put harsh events behind you and focus on the present.  Socially it makes sense that we don't  want to cycle negative energy or harbor anxiety about possible similar events.  At the same time, history seems to repeat itself often, due to our short term memories (selective memories).  It is important that we learn from all disasters, natural and human made by mapping solutions, prevention and management strategies. 


The Community Relief Medic program is designed to train First Responders currently associated with state and county systems to have advanced decision and patient care, and follow up responsibilties.  It's a numbers game. In each state, EMT and First Responder numbers are an average of 10:1 with advanced life support paramedics.  These are volunteers that live in their response districts, know their neighbors (good and bad, sick and well), know the local resources and are intrinsicially motivated to leave their warm bed in austere conditions and help a neighbor.  We need to equip these folks with decision making that will limit uneeded ALS responses, and difficult transports to overcrowded and understaffed medical facilities during times of disaster.  


The foundation of our country was built on neighbor helping neighbor, not dependence on the federal government.  Let's step back in time and remember our roots.   Let's equip the "Bucket Brigaders" to be successful!