A River Park in the Works for Cullowhee

The dream of revitalizing downtown Cullowhee just got one step closer. For over 5 years now, a group of committed volunteers have been making strides towards a project that would bring enjoyment and economic reward to Jackson Country. The committe calls itself "CuRve", which stands for Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor and their vision is to add a river park to downtown Cullowhee that is connected to the greenway. And thanks to a grant from the Blue Ridge Natural Heritage Partners last year that allowed for an economic impact study to be completed on the project, it is estimated that the river park would bring $1.2 million in new spending to Jackson County every year. 

Justin Padgett, director of Landmark Learning is thrilled with the project and what it means for the residents and visitors of Jackson County, "This is actually coming together. I have been on the board for the river park for about 2 years now. This will be awesome for our coursework and for students to recreate after class." 

To read the entire article, "Ahead of the CuRvE: Cullowhee group look to river park for downtown revitalization", published in Smokey Mountain News- click here.