Scholarship Winner: Reflections of a WFR Course

Leigha Pennington is a Beckwith Scholarship recipient from the Landmark Foundation. Leigha joined Landmark Learning recently in Cullowhee, to take her NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute WFR course:

"Receiving my WFR certification was an experience I’ll never forget. My time at Landmark Learning not only allowed me to receive the training and knowledge I needed to become a confident Wilderness First Responder, but also allowed me to build lasting relationships and memorable experiences with staff and fellow students.

The curriculum provided plenty of hands-on learning as well as classroom lectures. The staff was extremely knowledgeable through what they have studied as well as life experience.  With the experience and knowledge I gained, I can confidently say I will be comfortable in any emergency situation that should arise. With these skills and confidence I can now continue on my journey as a student trip leader, rock-climber, white water kayaker, mountain biker and backpacker as well as any future endeavors I take on. In my professional and private adventures I will use what I have learned for years to come.

The atmosphere was one of a supportive and lasting community. Everybody helped and supported each other with curriculum and any information they could provide on each other’s life pursuits. Fellow students took on and continue to take on, adventures together outside of the classroom by keeping in contact through social media. Through my experience at Landmark Learning I gained more than I could have ever expected. "

-Leigha Pennington