Snowy Virginia Tech WFRing

After nine days filled with sun, rain, snow, and cold, 17 new Wilderness First Responders departed Virginia Tech as champions!  I know I speak for my esteemed co-instructors, Laura Bonner and Scott Lipscomb, when I say it was an amazing course and that I am proud of all our students.  They braved cold cold rain early in the course -- only to have things ratcheted up a notch on day 6 by nine inches of snow!
While practicing the best prevention we could against cold illness and local cold injuries, students braved the conditions, day and night, and showed us that they were ready to save lives!
We were ecstatic to have several awesome Virginia Tech Venture Out staff members, as well as a few more Tech students.  We had four ladies who drove down from Roanoke each day to make sure Hollins University was well represented, too. The beautiful Hahn Horticulture Garden at Virginia Tech served as a great site for the students. Thanks for Virginia Tech and Venture Out for being an outstanding sponsor and host.
As always, thank you to all the students for working so hard to master the way of the WFR.  Good luck to those of you starting back to class for the spring.  And to everyone: keep in touch, champions!