A Student Account: Reflecting Back On The Landmark Semester

Student Photo

As I am coming to the close of the Landmark Learning Semester, I look back at all of the skills I was able to learn from their expert staff. It is hard to imagine, that it was over a month ago that I was on the lake practicing my "J" stroke in a canoe, setting up swim areas, and making protected entries into the water. My throw rope may have dried off weeks ago, but it feels just like yesterday that we were jumping into the river to pull people out. When I think about going through the EMT course, I have to give a great thanks to Landmark's excellent instructing team. Their teaching methods helped me go from not having any medical experience, to feeling comfortable and confident with my skills. The time we were able to spend on clinical, with local Emergencies Rooms, and local EMS was an invaluable experience. I was nervous going in, but now, I couldn't imagine having to do it in a different way. I would say that I am glad that the semester is over -- marking the start of my summer -- but knowing that my time at Landmark is over dulls that feeling a bit. Being around such friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff for the past forty days has definitely made a lasting impression on me. The atmosphere that they provide here makes is very conducive to learning, and the make it fun. Thanks for making my time spent with you guys so enjoyable and rewarding. Michael M.