Student Update: Jessica and Art respond to auto accident leaving WFR training

Art maintaining spinal immobilization on a patient as the other student improvises a neck brace during the WFR training.

Landmark community,

We just wanted to write a quick note to thank Landmark Learning and NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute for such a great Wilderness First Responder class in Scottsmoor, FL.  We learned so much in such a short time and are grateful to Jason and Jon for preparing us.

On our way home from our class we actually got to put our skills into a real life “scenario!”

About an hour into our ride home we were cruising along on I-95 when we saw an accident on the side of the highway. We noticed that there were no ambulances or police there so we decided to pull over and lend a helping WFR hand. There were a few bystanders on hand but no one helping out or responding.  Everyone was pretty much just adding to the confusion and chaos.

When we got to the scene we followed our full Patient Assessment System that we had practiced so many times in class. First things first, "crack a few cans of calm" to size up the scene.  We saw that the scene was safe and that there was only one patient.  We then introduced ourselves and explained that we had training and asked the car accident victim if we could help him.  While we attended to the patient we had one of the bystanders call 911.

Jessica acting as a patient with a leg injury during a scenario.

Luckily, we had practiced a ton of scenarios together in class so we shared the responsibilities.  We checked vitals, exposed his injuries, and most importantly inspired confidence and helped our patient to relax.  He let us know what happened and we collected enough information to put together a brief SOAP note.

After speaking with the patient we sat with him while waiting for the ambulances to arrive. We continued to gather information and help him relax and stay calm. Before we knew it the EMTs arrived and we were able to give them a verbal report and transfer care.  It felt great to use our WFR skills and help someone really in need!

All in all, our WFR class was amazing!  Jason and Jon were top notch teachers and always went the extra mile to help us and answer all of our questions. We both look forward to expanding our knowledge of wilderness medicine and helping people along the way!

Jessica and Art


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