A Student's Reflection: EMT-Basic Intensive

The first time that I ever heard of Landmark Learning was during a 6 week Americorps program while in Arizona. During my time there while participating in an outdoor leadership development, one of our assisgnments entailed detailing a plan for our short term goals. I was already apiring to start in the field of wildland/structural firefighter but I knew that training in EMS would greatly help me with both of those jobs. I also knew that I wanted to start down the path of a career that involved medicine, but was not sure on even when to get started. My Crewleader suggested that I begin by taking an EMT-Basic course. He spoke of Landmark Learning as a highly regarded NOLS affiliated program that was based in North Carolina. When I started investigating, I was thrilled to learn that Landmark also accepted Americorps vouchers. 


At the time, I was not able to envision the impact that Landmark would have on my life. Before getting started,  I was really nervous trying to anticipate all of the things that I would need to do to get started, but the office staff did an excellent job making the registration process painless.With no medical experience entering the program, I was able to be sucessful right away and found the first week of the EMT-Basic Intensive exciting and challenging. The campus where the course was taught was gorgous and the instructors were all incredibly good at their jobs. Our class turned into a little family over our three week stay there. I'll never forget any of them. Before I knew it, graduation was upon us. The instructors made sure that we were prepared to perform excellent EMS services before ending the session.

Since taking the class, everywhere I look I am able to see scenarios that we role played in class and I am cofident in the skills that I aquired at Landmark. Six months after recieving my National Registry EMT-B certification,  I am now one of three EMTs at a local volunteer fire department where I live. I am also currently enrolled in the paramedic program at my local community college. The time I spent at Landmark Learning has prepared me well and jump started my road to success. Thank you to everyone in the program that helped me get here!


-Anthony Gantenbein