Table Rock WFR

With sub freezing temps in the wake of an ice storm on course start morning the stage was set for an adventurous 9 days of Wilderness Medicine in the shadow of Table Rock Mountain at the historic North Carolina Outward Bound TR Base camp.  Eleven students in the midst of a 50 day outdoor leader course with OB were joined by eleven students from the general public to form a well rounded and diverse class.  Students hailed from all over the US as well as Mexico, Columbia, Sweden and China! 

Over the course of the eight days that followed instructors Scott and Rob kept the students on their toes and out over their skis with a mix of lessons and scenarios to help them develop the critical thinking, decision making and medical prowess necessary to deliver exceptional patient care in remote and challenging environments. 

In addition to the rain, wind, ice and snow the course was highlighted by a mass casualty scenario at the Balance slab requiring the students to work as a team and face challenging triage and evac decisions with limited equipment and resources available to them.  Then, a few days later they were tested again in much smaller groups as unforeseen emergencies presented themselves under the cloak of darkness on the eastern rim of the Linville gorge.

All and all the course was a tremendous success. By late afternoon on the 26th, 21 brand new Wilderness First Responders were sent out into the world ready to use the skills they had worked so hard to acquire should the situation arise.