WFR Course Experience: From A Student

Over the past nine days, my fellow Young Harris College students and I have had the opportunity of taking a Wilderness First Responder course through Landmark Learning. We strengthened our bond as a class embarking on the very challenging endeavor of our “Discovery” semester in our Outdoor Leadership major. We also had the incredible opportunity to form new connections, which turned into genuine friendships with other likeminded outdoor professionals. Rob, Dan, and Justin made the abundance of material concise and easily retainable. Most of all they made learning effective, and efficient wilderness medicine, and wilderness first responder techniques fun. Their dedication to teaching even the minute details of everything from recognizing signs and symptoms of dehydration, to building a viable fixation splint for a mid-shaft femoral fracture out of contents found in a basic hiker’s backpack enhanced the overall academic experience. The different scenarios, and simulations were carefully constructed to test proper multitasking, and problem solving techniques when faced with wilderness or backcountry injuries, and serious traumatic situations. I am truly grateful for the passion in which our WFR instructors delivered the material to us, and the lengths they went to not only inform us about the invaluable skills required to help save lives in wilderness settings, but also entertain, and accommodate us during the class hours as well as after. I can say this about being a certified wilderness first responder, though I may never want a chance to put my newly acquired skills into action, it brings me such confidence and solace knowing that I can be that one intervention between life or serious injury and possible death for someone in need of help in the wilds, or anywhere, and at anytime.