WFR in Cullowhee: A Student's Perspective

Rob and Kevin just finished a springtime course at the Landmark Learning base in Cullowhee and had a small class of 11 eager students.  Thanks for a great week!  WFR student Jenna Gosa from Atlanta shared her experience:

I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to earn my WFR at Landmark Learning.  I have always thought about a career as an EMT or Paramedic but am currently content working as an outdoor educator at an adventure based camp.  Earning my WFR allowed me to gain basic knowledge of wilderness medicine and apply that to my current career. The Landmark base in Cullowhee, NC was serene and beautiful.  We were tucked away between small mountains next to a creek and had plenty of space to play, cook, and hang out.  We had a small class of 11 students and we quickly became a small family over our 9 day course.  We were only 10 minutes from the town of Sylva and frequently went out for dinner and random grocery or personal needs.  Class was intense with a wealth of information but the instructors different teaching styles kept us engaged with a variation of lectures, videos, scenarios, and role playing.  We also had structured guided practice with newly aquired skills such as splinting.  Our instructors,Rob and Kevin, were outstanding.  The are both extremely knowledgeable and absolutely hilarious.  The told many stories from their experiences which is always helpful.  I had no previous knowledge of wilderness medicine and felt comfortable with the pace of the curriculum.  I am extremely ecstatic to go back home and brag about my new certification.  I may even check some vitals and splint some arms!


Jenna Gosa