WFR Student Puts Her Skills To The Test!

Hey Landmark! 

I just wanted to let you guys know that I had a cool opportunity to use my WFR skills that I learned from you guys last spring.

I was doing a long cross biking race in the murphy/Andrews/Robbinsville area when I came up on a man who had gone down on his bike riding fast on a pretty gnarly section of trail.  I was the first to respond.  When I got there he was already sitting up and fully conscious (A/Ox4) but in shock.  He said he was experiencing the worst pain in his hip that he’d ever experienced.  As I looked at his left hip I could tell that it had a significant bulging hematoma (maybe softball sized).  When I checked it out there was a puncture wound so not a significant amount of blood but I suspected that he might have a fracture.  I did the best I could to keep him hydrated and out of shock while we waited for EMS.  I was pretty amazed with how fast all of the acronyms came back: ABCs, Head-to-toe, Sample History  (sorry, no soap notes… didn’t have paper and pencil, but I was able to relate a MOI and Sample History to paramedics when they got there.)

I kind of hate to admit this, but I walked away thinking, “that was so cool!”  haha!  Side note: stopped in to see him at the hospital the next day.  He had fractured his hip in several places (doctors described it as a bunch of small radiating fractures from the point that he hit) and he had to have surgery to debride the puncture wound.  I’ve talked to him since and the doctors say he is off of it for 4 months, but is doing well. 

So for all that I just wanted to say thank you!  Specific thanks to Rob and Dan who were awesome instructors! I felt prepared for handling that as best as I could.  J


*The photo is from the course, not one that Jessie took from the accident*