WFR in Windham NY

I am on the road, slowly returning from a fantastic WFR course that Deane Hodde and I instructed at the Wilderness Mission Alpine Youth Hostel in Windham, NY. We always rave about how great these courses are, but this one was truly exceptional. I drove up from NC and arrived in New York just as the snow started to fall. I was ecstatic that Deane's flight was on time because I was starting to worry about the road conditions as I continued North into the upstate. Deane and I rolled into the Good Tidings Camp and found Tom, our course sponsor waiting to show us around. After talking for thirty minutes, we decided we should park the rig and move in to our new accommodations. My North Carolina driving skills managed to park in the snow accumulating in front of the dormitory, and if my truck wasn't totally in the parking spot, the 18 inches of snow that fell over the next 24 hours hid my attempt. Fortunately, everyone managed to arrive on time and ahead of the storm. With the roads mostly snowed over, we got down to the business at hand and began developing our patient assessment skills. With no access to the outside world, we quickly bonded as a group of friends and outdoor professionals. Fortune smiled upon us and in freak weather occurrence, all the snow melted on the 8th day of our course. I've met many outstanding people through this work, but I really do look forward to spending time in the future with this group, whether it is playing silly games in the snow, picking and grinning with "The Revealers" or relaxing on a river somewhere in the world (hopefully free of medical responsibilities).  Anyhow, until then...Happy 2014! Be Safe and Have Fun!