Wilderness EMT - Getting good at saving lives!

EMT Intensive - Week #2 and #3

Mairi teaching the Infant CPR topic during week #2.

We have just begun our third week the EMT Intensive course here at Landmark Learning's base in Cullowhee, NC. We have a great group of students, with ages ranging from 18 - 78!  They all hail from somewhere within the Southeastern US.  However there are a few students that are planning on using their training over in India! They are smart, eclectic, and super supportive of one another.  It is always cool to see the common bond and sense of community that our longer EMT, WFR and WUMP courses create!  The combination of caring people, learning, living, and shared intense wilderness rescue experiences always brings people together.  Our courses are run more as an expedition that a normal educational course. Week two is the high point of energy and information in our EMT Intensive.  During week three, we slow down the pace while practicing and reviewing all the material we've already covered. We are looking forward to the extended scenarios and practice as we head into week three with our EMT students! The Padj, Deane, Mairi and Justin D.