Wilderness Lifeguard - Learning skills for backcountry waterfront prevention and monitoring.!

Justin P. teaching the students how to hold the rescue tube when the enter the water to make a rescue.

Another successful Wilderness Lifeguard course in Asheville, NC taught by instructors Justin Doroshenko and Justin Padgett.

Thirteen students met us at the Lutheridge lake to swim and practice remote lifeguarding skills.  Wind on day one made the course quite chilly, but the bright sun and higher temperatures on day two were perfect.

Our group consisted of trip leaders from therapeutic programs, summer camps, and international guides.  Students were happy to have an advanced training beyond normal pool lifeguarding.  The Wilderness Lifeguard training fit better with their work environment applications.
What a fun, light-hearted group of trip leaders that are bought into prevention and dedicated surveillance!  We look forward to seeing these folks again in two years when they return to get recertified!
Justin P. and Justin D.


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