Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals - Cullowhee, NC

"Hypothermia Day" is always a fun day! This is when the victims have to spend a fair amount of time laying in Cane Creek (even in the Winter). The rescuers have to assess the scene and remove the victim from the water and treat them for their injuries. Everyone gets cold and wet on in this scenario!

Here at the Landmark Learning base in the mountains of Western North Carolina, we've just completed another successful Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals.

Checking vital signs frequently during a rescue, while also treating a spinal injury and hypothermia.

We had a great group of students with a wide variety of backgrounds attending this course.  The mix of participants ranged from newly graduated Landmark EMT Intensive students, military medics, professional outdoorsmen, physicians, physician assistants, to current medical students.

The weather was typical for why we love living, working and playing in the mountains.  Throughout the course, we had cool brisk mornings which warmed during the day allowing perfect WUMP weather.  Unfortunately this also includes afternoon thunderstorms and rain.  The course culminated with a late night scenario in the pouring rain.

Everyone walked away rescued and unharmed!

The students through hard work and determination, gained much wider medical knowledge base and a better understanding of themselves.

Good luck to all of you and thank you for being part of the experience!

Padj and Deane


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