Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals - Cullowhee, NC 8/10


Another great Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals here at the Landmark Learning Base in Cullowhee, NC.  The five day WUMP is a fast paced course with a ton of physical movement and student interaction.  Staff included Rob Barham, Jason Carter, and Justin Padgett.  Great student population of interested pre-hospital and hospital care providers.  Folks always from from all over to these courses, NY, TX, OR, CA, and of course all over the Southeast!  Students diligently practiced skills, new vocabulary and detailed patient assessment.  "We are the help in these remote and extended patient care settings. If we miss a finding or a step in the care of our patients....then it is missed - we work hard to do the best hands on assessment of our patients that can be performed. - No Load and Go here!" Thank you to all the students and support staff that made this course operate with efficiency and fun!   See you all later!