WUMP July 30-August 03, 2012 Cullowhee, USA

Landmark Learning just finished another WUMP (Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals) at the Cullowhee base.  The students were a mix of EMS professionals, military and physicians with a physical therapist thrown in to round things out.  The class also included a handful of freshly minted EMTs from Landmark’s EMT Intensive course who are stayed through to add wilderness medicine skills to their urban EMT education.  Way to go for hanging in there for a whole month of medical training!

The students spent the first two days of the course reviewing trauma and adapting their knowledge to the wilderness curriculum.  On the 3rd day we introduced environmental topics including heat illness, hypothermia, bites and stings, and altitude illness.  The day ended with an MCI (mass casualty incident) during which the group worked as a team to respond to a multi-patient rescue.

On Thursday the students learned about dealing with medical issues in the wilderness: cardiac, respiratory, diabetes, neurological emergencies, and gender specific medical issues.  Thursday evening the students returned for a night rescue scenario and spent several hours in the woods near campus putting their improvisational skills to use.

Friday morning closed out our curriculum with a handful of topics that ranged from poisoning to communicable disease.  Friday afternoon the students “celebrated their knowledge” with written and practical exams.  During the practical exams, students performed as teams of two to go through a scenario with the instructors as patients.  We’re happy to report that we were well pleased with everyone’s performance!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their week with us and further their knowledge in remote medical care.  Good luck, send success stories and pics, and we’ll see you in a recert!  Rob, Padj & Deane