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EMT: Week 1

Well, the first week of the October EMT is in full swing and the fall leaves a day or two at their peak colors in these beautiful mountains of Western NC.  Students have spent their week in and out of the classroom working on new information and putting what they have learned into team action in trauma emergency situations and scenarios. It has been a busy but productive first 6 days of the course and next week is full-on again as we get into medical emergencies.  




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Wilderness Risk Management Conference in Stone Mountain Park

It was great to have the prestigious Wilderness Risk Managers Conference in the Southeast this Fall.  On October 1-3, 2014, the WRMC was held at the beautiful green Atlanta green space - Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Attendance appeared pretty strong as core workshops and new emerging topics were presented by risk management experts from around the country.  It was a good time for learning, connecting and enjoying the amenities at the Evergreen resort. 

To checkout the conference online or watch the video, "Valuing Wilderness Risk Management: The WRMC", click here.



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A River Park in the Works for Cullowhee

The dream of revitalizing downtown Cullowhee just got one step closer. For over 5 years now, a group of committed volunteers have been making strides towards a project that would bring enjoyment and economic reward to Jackson Country. The committe calls itself "CuRve", which stands for Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor and their vision is to add a river park to downtown Cullowhee that is connected to the greenway. And thanks to a grant from the Blue Ridge Natural Heritage Partners last year that allowed for an economic impact study to be completed on the project, it is estimated that the river park would bring $1.2 million in new spending to Jackson County every year. 

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Wilderness Medicine Externship

The Carolina Wilderness EMS externs returned to Landmark Learning again this year to see an insider’s view of wilderness medicine education. Ryan Circh is a fourth year emergency medicine resident from Johns Hopkins Hospital. David Amsalem is a fourth year medical student from Vanderbilt University. The externship is a month long rotation for senior medical students or residents with interests in wilderness medicine and...
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WFR Student Puts Her Skills To The Test!

Hey Landmark! 

I just wanted to let you guys know that I had a cool opportunity to use my WFR skills that I learned from you guys last spring.

I was doing a long cross biking race in the murphy/Andrews/Robbinsville area when I came up on a man who had gone down on his bike riding fast on a pretty gnarly section of trail.  I was the first to respond.  When I got there he was already sitting up and fully conscious (A/Ox4) but in shock.  He said he was experiencing the worst pain in his hip that he’d ever experienced.  As I looked at his left hip I could tell that it had a significant bulging hematoma (maybe...
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WFR Course Experience: From A Student

Over the past nine days, my fellow Young Harris College students and I have had the opportunity of taking a Wilderness First Responder course through Landmark Learning. We strengthened our bond as a class embarking on the very challenging endeavor of our “Discovery” semester in our Outdoor Leadership major. We also had the incredible opportunity to form new connections, which turned into genuine friendships with other likeminded outdoor professionals. Rob, Dan, and Justin made the abundance of material concise and easily retainable. Most of...
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Hiker Hostel Puts on Great WFR in North Georgia!

What happens when instructors Justin Doroshenko and Kevin Williams travel to Dahlonega, Georgia to teach wilderness medicine to a great group of people at a hostel near the Appalachian Trail? Magic, humor, and learning -- that's what. We had a fantastic group of students from all walks of life, and they're now prepared to prevent and treat people from "deceasing" in the wilderness!


Having engaged, cooperative, and funny students makes our courses thrive. It also helps that the first time course sponsors, The Hiker Hostel, made our stay so enjoyable. Wonderful...
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Remembering 9/11 and Preparing First Responders

Once again the September 11th rolls around and our memories fade of this horrible event.  It's human, and seems the American way to put harsh events behind you and focus on the present.  Socially it makes sense that we don't  want to cycle negative energy or harbor anxiety about possible similar events.  At the same time, history seems to repeat itself often, due to our short term memories (selective memories).  It is important that we learn from all disasters, natural and human made by mapping solutions, prevention and management strategies. 


The ...
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The State Decided No Fracking In WNC

Possible fracking in Western North Carolina has been one the biggest environmental hot topics this year among residents, environmentalists and those living in the surrounding communities of the potential drilling zone.  Environmentalist believe that drilling for shell gas deposits could potentially contaminate drinking-water supplies.

This week, the state has announced that they are retreating from their plan to collect rock samples in Jackson and other far-western counties to test for shale gas deposits. Landmark Learning is very proud of this decision. Read the full article, “Fracking off table in WNC; DENR cancels regional test”,...
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Brevard WFR

Patrick and I got to spend 9 days in beautiful Brevard to hang out with a great group of WFR students!  We had a break from the typically rainy Brevard weather and had sunny days to learn about wilderness medicine.  We also had some adventures off campus at the local Bracken Preserve.  A number of students came far and wide to bolster their trip leading and outdoor skillset, and students from Brevard College were kicking off their Wilderness Leadership and Experiential...
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