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Mingai: The Relief Medic Volunteer Program

MINGAI is a non-profit Foundation certified as a Center for First Aid Training which aims to spread First Aid in remote areas. The Mingai Organization is an Official Affiliate of NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute and is a sister organization to Landmark Learning. All three institutions share a passion for developing courses that prepare students to assist, act and make decisions during critical times of emergency.  Landmark Learning works constantly with MINGAI in the development...
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Logging Some Miles With The Clemson Leave No Trace Master Educators!

 Rob and I were joined by 7 students on a 5 day Leave No Trace Master Educator Course.  We started at Clemson University for some classroom time and prepared for our 3 days in the woods.  Our backcountry portion was 3 days of backpacking in the Jocassee Gorges area of the Foothills trail.  We had a bunch of troopers willing to push through some tough miles on the stairs, and everyone now cringes a bit when they see a staircase :)  We wrapped up the course with our public outreach day at...
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WUMP Course at Landmark

This week hosted another great Wilderness Upgrade for the Medical Professional course at Landmark Learning. Medical professionals from all backgrounds, locations, and experience levels came to the mountains of North Carolina to polish their emergency skills and specialize in wilderness-based medicine. Numbering 20, the participants spent the week learning how to improvise complex splints, monitor patients in long-term rescue scenarios, and treat uncommon or rare backcountry medical emergencies.

All of this education came to a peak for a late night mass-casualty rescue...
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WCU Captures ‘Top Adventure College’ Title!

Landmark Learning is proud to see that our partner WCU has taken the 2014 title for top Adventure College in the Blueridge Outdoors "outdoor school" competion. Futher kudos to the Outdoor Programs "Cullowhee Basecamp",  academic program in Parks and Recreation Management and the super dedicated faculty that support both.  From Landmark Learning to WCU - congratulations on your 2014 recognition!   To read the full article in The Sylva Herald, click here.


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Lake Logan Sprint Triathalon

We are pleased to announce that we had two teams this year and we both placed in the Lake Logan Sprint Triathalon.  We had some smokin' swims, high steppin' runs and a bike leg that was fraut with challenges.  The bikers were off their bikes quite a bit doing maintenance.  But nonetheless Team Duece comes in 2nd overall with Beth Boehme (swim) Justin Doroshenko (bike) and Jason Carter (run).  Team Numero Uno comes in 3rd, just 3 minutes behind our first team with Justin Padgett (swim), Rob Barham (bike) and Jon JLo Lowrance (run).  

Worth mentioning is that this is the 3rd year that...
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EMT Intensive: Week 3

The days are counting down in the third and final week of the July EMT Intensive course.  It seems long ago when this journey began, and how far we have come in such a short period of time.  This class has continued to enjoy each others company, with many pitching in to help fellow classmates get to and from their clinical sites.  It is obvious to me that no one here thinks only of their own success but instead sees the value of giving and sharing to raise all to their best performance.  It shows in their caring for one another and will one day carry over to their patients.  Students have found a balance...
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A Base WUMP for the Ages

In late June, instructors Justin Doroshenko and Rob Barham embarked on a journey with a new bunch of students at the Landmark Learning base for a Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals course. We had some stalwart Landmark alums and some folks new add to our awesome style. We had brand spankin' new EMTs fresh off their Landmark Learning EMT Intensive, and we had EMTs and paramedics with years of experience. We had our three Landmark Semester students! We had ER nurses, pediatric specialists, physical therapists -- so much medical diversity!...
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EMT Intensive: Week 1

A lot of progress was made during the first week of EMT Intensive. It was interesting to see students come to the course with various backgrounds and experiences and begin to navigate the world of the EMT.  Classroom concepts interspersed with scenarios and first reactions in students have built a foundation for learning to care for a patient in an emergency situation. Confidence is starting to build as the students are getting more familiar with using basic tools of the trade.  As the week wraps up and clinicals begin, real world application on an ambulance and in the Emergency Department has opened the door even wider in terms of opportunities that they are now prepared for.  What lies...
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Meeting with Medwest EMS

I was pleased to spend some time with the medics of Medwest EMS in Sylva, NC and provide an update on drowning and resuscitation care.  The presentation was well attended.  Over the past six months or so, I have been researching, studying and talking with national experts as I travel and teach lifeguards in the US and abroad.  It's the influence of folks like Jill White, Justin Sempstrott, Seth Hawkins and Tod Schmilpfenig that encourage me to look deeper in the how we educate others on drowning. Recent inaccurate national news futher prompts me to get on board with sharing this updated information with...
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Locals Vote No To Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing involves the use of water pressure to create fractures in rock that allow oil and natural gas it contains to escape and flow out of a well. Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking", has played a major role in the development of America's oil and natural gas resources for nearly 60 years. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 35,000 wells are processed with the hydraulic fracturing method and it’s estimated that over one million wells have been hydraulically fractured since the first well in the late 1940s. And while the topic of "fracking" has globally been a hot topic for years, it seems the debate has become personal to many since North Carolina could start issuing fracking...
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