FMG Introduction to Single-Pitch Climbing

Introduction to rock climbing and risk management in a single-pitch setting, led through Fox Mountain Guides.

Fox Mountain Guides is the only climbing school in the Southeast that is accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association.

This 2-day course will take place at the Fox Mountain Guides' sites in north Georgia. Emphasis will be on personal climbing skills, site assessment, and group management at a single-pitch site.

Course Length: 
2 days; 16+ hours

Minimum age 16 years old.

Must be able to hike for 2 miles with a 30-lb pack.


Primary Classification: 
Secondary Classifications: 
Certifications Received: 

Certificate of Completion.


Continuing Education: 


Day 1

Classroom Block

  • Introduction
  • Paperwork & Logistics
  • Gear Familiarization
  • Equipment Use and Maintenance
  • Knots & Hitches
  • Risk Management at the crag

Outdoor Crag Block

  • History of Belaying
  • Communication
  • Climbing Movement

Day 2

Classroom Block (FMG classroom)

  • Review of previous day
  • Anchor Anatomy
  • Intro to trad gear

Outdoor Crag Block

  • Rappelling
  • Finish practical skills
  • Written Exam
  • Graduation
  • Good hiking shoes (no sandals, Crocs, etc)
  • Clothes appropriate for the season. You may wear shorts or long pants if you wish. Wear clothing to be 'active' in and water proof jackets are a good idea on all trips. Bring a sun hat for summer trips and for colder months bring insulating fleece layers, gloves, and a fleece hat would be good additions to your gear.
  • Water, about 2 Quarts a person especially in summer months.
  • High energy snacks and high energy lunch.
  • Sun block and bug repellent.
  • Any personal medications (e.g. medications for asthma, anaphylactic if you are severely reactive to bee stings, etc)
  • Small backpack for all above items.
  • If you have any personal climbing equipment please bring it, after inspection you will be able to use your own gear (although all gear is provided for our courses).
  • Some people like to bring a digital camera to take pictures of some of the systems and techniques you will learn on the course. We encourage you to bring a camera and take photos. Also bringing a pad and pen/pencils is a good idea to take notes. 
  • If you plan to camp overnight, bring your own camping gear.


Attendance & Participation:

Students are required to attend all class sessions and field exercises. Students may request no more than 10% of the course hours as excused absence, and may not miss the first day of the course. Review of missed curriculum or examinations is the student’s responsibility. Absences, either unexcused or exceeding the 10% of the course hours excused, are grounds for dismissal from the course and all cancellation policies will apply.


Textbook/ Handbook:

AMGA Single-pitch Instructor Manual (Falcon Guides)


Preformance Outcomes:

  • 80% pass on written test
  • Successful completion of 3 climbs 3 belays and a rappel


This is not an AMGA certification course. Karsten Delap is instructing this course. He is a co-owner of Fox Mountain Guides and is also an AMGA certified Instructor and previous Board Member. 


Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

Mon, 2018-06-25 to Tue, 2018-06-26

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