Wilderness Courses

Courses to build awareness, anticipate and manage risk, and create the foundation for making appropriate decisions in the great outdoors.

Skills, ethics, risk management, and courses for outdoor instructors and trip leaders.

Backcountry Ethics

Backcountry ethics tie users into Proper Prior Planning and essential risk management for our groups and our backcountry sites and resources.


Outdoor Instructor Courses

Earn instructor-level certifications and be ready to train your own staff. Help prepare for your future carreer in outdoor education by learning skills today.


Outdoor Skills

Learn the hard skills necessary to play and lead outdoors. From ACA to Leave No Trace to wilderness medicine, learn the skills that will keep you safe, and heighten your enjoyment of the outdoors.


Risk Management

Landmark Learning manages risk by training to the highest standards of operation in our outdoor profession. Pick a course, and be prepared to prevent illness, injury, and impact.