River/Water Courses

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Wilderness StarGuard® Instructor Training

After satisfactory completion of the Wilderness StarGuard® program, participants can take this additional three-day training to become an Instructor candidate of the program. Apprenticeships follow, before the Instructor candidates are able to offer these programs on their own under the auspices of the Starfish Aquatics Institute. Contact our office for more information and updated course availability.

Wilderness StarGuard®

The Wilderness StarGuard® is a cutting edge course designed to meet the needs of wilderness trip leaders with a focus on prevention. This remote application to aquatic rescue courses can be taken alone as a primary training, as an add-on module to the StarGuard® course, or as a module for current lifeguards.

Site assessment, swimmer assessment, and improvising lifeguarding equipment are key components that differentiate this course from traditional waterfront courses.