Backcountry Ethics

Backcountry ethics tie users into Proper Prior Planning and essential risk management for our groups and our backcountry sites and resources.

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Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester

The Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester - 6 weeks, 7 certifications, up to 15 college credit hours = 1 amazing experience.

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Landmark Outdoor Educator Semester - A Student's Perspective

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Available Course

Leave No Trace Master Educator

This course provides participants with a comprehensive overview of Leave No Trace skills and ethics through practical application in a field-based setting. It is run as a combination of a one-day classroom component, three-day/two-night field component, and one-day community outreach opportunity. Students will practice Leave No Trace teaching strategies by delivering a planned lesson. The Master Educator course prepares students to deliver two-day Leave No Trace Trainer courses and one-day or shorter Awareness Workshops. Course completion results in Master Educator registration with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, a Leave No Trace Master Educator certificate, and a one-year Leave No Trace membership.

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Leave No Trace Master Educator

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